The Fawley Files

DI Adam Fawley Series Extras

Immerse yourself in the settings, characters and stories of Adam Fawley’s world.

There are three key ingredients to any great book: plot, people, and place. A great story, compelling characters, and a richly realised location. Crime fiction is no different. All crime turns on plot, of course—it’s what the genre is built on—but it’s the special relationship between people and place, between the lead detective and his ‘manor’, that has distinguished some of the best and most memorable examples of the genre. Rebus and Edinburgh, Roy Grace and Brighton, and (of course) Morse and Oxford.

Adam Fawley’s Oxford, though, is a rather different place, as you’ll know if you’ve read any of the books. Lighter on the gown, heavier on the town, and a lot more hard knocks than chocolate-box…